Some Coping Techniques

These are some Coping Techniques that I find useful when I am down or feeling anxious.

  1. Listening to music.
  2. Talk to someone about what’s happening weather it be a friend/family member or a help line.
  3. Play with a pet.
  4. Writing in a Journal (this doesn’t have to be a every day thing or even a proper journal it just has to be a note book that you can write stuff down in.)
  5. Colouring! I always have a colouring book on my desk.
  6. Keeping a fidget toy on you them things are amazing when I am feeling anxious.
  7. I am going to call this one the 5 senses: Name 5 things you can see. Name 4 things you can touch. Name 3 things you can hear. Name 2 thing you can or would like to smell. Name 1 thing you can or would like to taste.
  8. Go for a walk! I know it annoys some people but walking can help clear your head and being in the sun can sometimes help lift your mood.

Coping Techniques can be hard to use when your feeling low and hey maybe even sometimes you may just want to feel low and not help yourself. I know that it can be hard, but I also know that most of the time if I try using them they help. You could even do some of these together like going for a walk and listening to music.

Hope this was something that can help you 🙂