Crohn’s Remission????

So I went to my gastroenterologist a few months and got some news that to be honest I was and still a little scared about. The doctor said that my Crohn’s is in remission and that doesn’t frighten me, it’s a good thing it means I am not sick at this point in time. What is scaring me is the fact that the doctor wants to take me off all medication.

I have had Crohn’s for nine years, within them nine years I have always been on some type of medication. Many of them years I have also been symptom free and little to no inflammation. This will be the first time that they stop medication.

Everyone keeps telling me it’s a good thing, that the fact I don’t need medication is great. It might be a good thing it even might be something that I should be excited about but it’s terrifying for me.

They have taken me off Infliximab and in a month or two I will most likely be taken off the Imuran. So far I am not to bad I guess.

The gastroenterologist are a little frustrating in the fact that Crohn’s is just the inflammation to them and that’s all deal with they don’t they treat symptoms they treat the disease. I know from my personal experience even though they say there’s no inflammation I still tend to get symptoms of Crohn’s, but I am just the patient so what do I know right? (another rant for another post).

But for right now I am trying to stay positive it’s a good that I am not sick at the moment.

If you have a chronic illness have you ever been in remission?

Talk to you all next time.


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