The Human Condition

Everyone has good and bad times in there life it just the way the world works.

It was pointed out to me in a session with a psychiatrist. I had just been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and she was going thorough explain each symptom on the criteria that they go off.

She had said that everyone at some point in there life would struggle with one of the symptoms to a degree on a personality disorder criteria. We are all human we all struggle and she pointed out to me a symptom on that list that even she struggles with. Someone to me at least seemed to have her life put together and pretty successful struggled with something.

At moment I am struggling with a lot of symptoms on that check list and they are interrupting my every day life and that is why I was diagnosed with that disorder. Dose it make me a bad person? No (even though sometime I think it does) I am in a part of my life where I am having a hard time and that can look and feel different to every person. Some people can naturally pull them self’s out of bad times some people need some extra help.

Something else that happened recently that pulled this into perspective for me. I was on the phone to a very good friend of mine and he wasn’t in a great place and he apologised for getting emotional like it was a bad thing.

Today society has drilled into our brains that we have to be perfect all the time, we have to be in the good times, all the time. That’s not how it works we are human none of us are perfect we all make mistake. We are going to have periods of time were everything is going great and we feel amazing but were also going to have times were things just aren’t working out for us and we feel like shit. It’s okay we are all human we weren’t made to be perfect.

Do you feel like you have to okay all the time? let me know in the comments.


Talk to you next time.


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