How video games have helped me as someone who struggles with her mental health!

I love video games, I play them a lot and I do just generally enjoy them but there a lot more for me. There an escape from the real world, I struggle with anxiety and worrying a lot and playing a game is one of the few times during my day where the anxiety disappears.

Video games that I play and enjoy are always open world and open ended games. While they might have a story line to them, you can also do whatever you want and you get to explore a whole new world. A world that is usually nothing like the real world and it pressures.

Some of my favourite games are: Minecraft, Sims 4, Lego worlds, Stardew Valley. I think  the reason I like these game is there very creative. So I could create my perfect world or I could create a world that reflect how I feel. There’s just something about getting lost inside a world that I get to shape that helps me forget what going on in my head.

What your favourite game to play when your feel down or anxious?

Toni 🙂

Talk to you next time

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