Vidcon Australia

So in September I was lucky enough to win a ticket into Vidcon by a YouTuber I watch called Kati Morton whose channel I will link below. It was held in Melbourne I do not live in Melbourne so my parents were nice to pay for my plane ticket there and back.

It was one of the best experiences of my year. I got to meet one of my favourite Youtubers and it was a learning experience. Vidcon ran for a weekend in September and I am not gonna lie it was a big weekend and I got very overwhelmed by it but I also learned that if I took a brake and took it at my own pace then I could handle it and it wasn’t so bad.

Because I had won a ticket I was by myself so that tended to make the event harder on my anxiety but no matter how much anxiety I had I did it, I went to every panel and meet and greet I wanted and had the most amazing time.

It just goes to show no matter how scared you are by something it possible to do, it’s just a little harder for someone with anxiety.

Tell me your experience of any convention you been to in the comments was it a good experience?


Talk to you next time



Kati Morton YouTube channel



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