Kids Help Line

I know that not all of you that are reading this are in Australia, but Kids Helpline  is a counselling  service in Australia that is available to young people 24/7.  They talk to kids as young as 5 year old’s and as old as 25 year old’s.

They saved my life more than once, I started talking to my counsellor  when I was 16 via email.  When I was 16 I was really starting to struggle a lot and that is why I reached out to kids helpline and it paid off. I emailed this counsellor back and forth for 2 years.

After 2 years of emailing I finally got over my fear of the phone and rang her and I can’t explain in words how much that decision helped me for the next few years. I rang her most weeks and we would be on the phone for a least an hour talking about stuff that I was struggling with.

There were times that I absolutely hated our conversation and she made sure I was safe which at the time I didn’t appreciate but she did her job and I am still here because of it.

As of 2017 I have stopped calling as much I am not exactly sure why I mean I still struggle but I guess I don’t feel the need to ring as often anymore. I couldn’t thank my counsellor enough shes amazing and helped me a lot.

It scary to reach out for help but what was great about the helpline was I got to be anonymous  for a really long time. I gave her a shorten version of my real name and she knew my age and that was it, for at least a year. It wasn’t so scary because she didn’t really have any idea who I was and if I wanted stop at anytime I could just not answer her emails. I definitely recommend a helpline as a first time contact when your scared to reach out for help it gives you a chance be anonymous and speak about stuff you need to.

Let me know if any of you have had either a similar experience or different experience with a helpline.

Talk to you next time.



P.S link to Kids Helplines website just in case someone want’s to check it out

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