Extra note: I don’t like  the way I have explained some things in here so please let me know if they don’t make sense.


So if you have read my bio or any of my other post many of you know as well as struggling with mental health. I also have physical chronic illness called Crohn’s. For my Crohn’s to be controlled I require medication every night and an infusion every 6 weeks.

The infusion I get is called Infliximab it is a chimeric monoclonal antibody biologic drug. Which if understood what that meant I would explain it. I tend not to go on the medical side of drugs as long as it makes me feel better and theirs no serious side effects, I am cool with whatever. I leave the medical talk up to the doctors.

So as I said before I have this infusion every six weeks. So every six weeks I get admitted into hospital as a day patient. So a typical infusion usually take about half a day, I get in there a 9am and leave by about midday. Then nurses start by take my vitals, give me a hospital bracelet, put a cannula in and start the infusion. I usually take a book and also my phone and listen to some music as sitting getting the infusion is completely boring. The Infliximab always knocks me about a bit on the day I have it. So after I always go home and sleep for a few hours then it like I am as good as new.

Going into hospital so regularly dose get a bit annoying between the Crohn’s and the mental health issues I have, the hospital is like my second home but this medication definitely help my Crohn’s and keeps me from being sick.

Anyway that’s it for today, I have put some pictures of the cannula and my hospital bracelet with part of the bracelet blurred out because it has private information on there, so you can see them.

I will see you next time I post.


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