Harry Potter Quotes that I Relate to as Someone Who Struggles with Mental Health

The first harry potter movie came out just before I started school, I grew up waiting for the next movie to come out and was almost half way through high school by the time the last one finally came out. There have been a few times throughout the movies where characters have said something that is very inspiring to someone that struggles with mental health.

I have picked out three quotes that characters have said throughout the movies to talk about how I relate to them in my own life.


The first one comes from Dumbledore in the very last movie!

dose that mean its not real

For me this quote means a lot. Mental Illness are all in our minds a lot of the time people can’t see them but it doesn’t mean they are not real. Whenever I feel alone because no really knows what happening inside my head this quote is very comforting.


The next one I have chosen is from Dumbledore once again this time from the Prison Of Azkaban.

if one only remembers to turn on the light

This quote reminds me that when I am in my lowest of lows that there still a future for me. I may be in a horrible situation right now but I can still find happiness. It up to me to find that happiness because no one is going to do it for me.


The final one I have chosen comes from the character Sirius Black again The Prison Of Azkaban.

the ones that love us never really leave us

This is a very important one for me as someone who suffers from BPD. It is a reminder that I don’t have to be afraid of people leaving me. That people around me really do care and they don’t think about me the way I think about myself.


Anyway, they are the three I picked out and why I picked them. There are many more within the Harry Potter films as well as other films, I could go on forever. I hope that you enjoyed reading this and I will see you next time. 😊

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