Things Are So Incredibly Fucked Up

I am feeling horrible at the moment, I want to scream and cry and kick and throw a tantrum but I can’t because I have to be okay for the people around me. I have to be okay but everything I was using to cope with the way I am feeling has been taken off me. What am I supposed to do.

I have two people at the moment that I  feel comfortable with talking to. One is a friend and he doesn’t need me being annoying. The other one is leaving to go work somewhere else.

I want to be okay, I wish things had a quick fix but they don’t and I don’t know what to do anymore. The last few weeks have been extremely hard and I am struggling when I am writing this, I know it will pass but it sucks having to sit through it.

Sorry for the depressing post I just needed to vent. Next post will be up soon 🙂

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