Every since I was a little girl I have always been shy never been one to talk a lot. As I grew up I was forced to talk because while not talking to anyone while you 6 years old is acceptable thing, not so much once you get older.

As I got older and started to suffer from mental health my shyness became very apparent again mainly if I was ever got asked about myself I just shut down. I don’t really know weather my shyness these days is actually shyness or weather it’s anxiety.

I have a lot of trouble with communication, part of the reason why I started this blog is because writing is my way of expressing myself. It has been really hard in the last few years because I always love writing but I am very critical of myself and don’t let anyone else see it, which means no one really knows whats going on in my life at the present time.

I am going to be honest I don’t really know where I am going with this post, but its something that effects my life on a daily basis being so shy is hard. Most people don’t understand that just because I don’t talk to them to much doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to them, I just take a bit of time to become comfortable.

If you struggle with this to please comment below how it effects your life.


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